Propulsion Engines

 Beta Marine Diesel Engines

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Built with the Do-it-yourslf’er in mind

Beta Marine offers a wide range of engines, all based on the rock-solid marinized Kubota engine core. Our engines are used in a wide variety of applications including repowering, new boat manufacture, sailboat, fishing vessels and trawlers.

Beta engines are perfect for replacing your old…Yanmar…Westerbeak atomic 4 and Cummins…

For repower applications and ease of installation, we customize the engine with mounts that will match your current engine. When replacing an old diesel, Beta Marine’s modern diesel engines provide you with a quieter, more compact, powerful, fuel efficient and reliable solution.

Beta Marine Propulsion Engines range from 14 HP through 105 HP. To see detailed information about a particular engine, Please visit our small range engines that range from 14 hp – 38hp and mid-range engines 43 hp- 105 hp to get the information you need for your repower.  Each engine allows for the flexibility to upgrade features such as alternators, belts, custom engine mounts, shallow sumps, control panels  and more.  Each engine page is equipped with its own technical library to help you install, maintain, and service your engine. Remember, we provide onsite installation assistance for our customers within 40 miles or a free hour of phone support from a certified technician.

Beta Marine PNW is here to help recommend the right size propulsion engine and associated materials needed for your repower. If you need assistance with installation, warranty services, repair or service needs, reach out to us today. Contact us or call 360-379-1319.

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Standard Engine Features:

Fresh water cooled – Cupro-nickle heat exchanger

Stop solenoid

4 Point isolation mounts

Many standard mount options including:

– Atomic 4, Volvo, Albin Vega, etc.

Fuel filter, Oil filter

Oil change pump on most engines

Air intake silencer

Inertial flywheel

Stainless water injection elbow

Morse control fittings

3 year warranty on marinized Kubota engines


[column width=””4″”]Optional Extras
Shallow oil pan
Hi amp alternators
High-rise exhaust injection elbow
Hot water connections
PTO pulley
Remote oil filter
Keel cooling
Insulated ground return
Many transmission options[/column]