Saildrive Warranty

Warranty for Saildrives


This warranty sets out the conditions and limitations of Beta Marine’s warranty for the purchaser. Beta Marine Limited (Beta) give this warranty to you the customer that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period set out in the following table. These warranty terms only apply to Kubota based propulsion engines. This warranty replaces clause 17 in our general terms of tender and sale.

The Warranty

(1) Beta’s warranty falls into two categories, as follows:

(2) The warranty period for these two categories is as follows:

(3) Warranty costs will be covered as the attached matrix:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Main Engine Components (Static) Parts & Labour Parts & Labour Parts & Labour Parts Only Parts Only
Main Engine Components (Moving) Parts & Labour Parts & Labour
Fuel Injection and Supply System Parts & Labour Parts & Labour
Cooling System Parts & Labour Parts & Labour
Gearbox / Saildrive Parts & Labour Parts Only
Drive Member Parts & Labour Parts Only
Flexible Mounts Parts & Labour
Starter Parts & Labour Parts Only
Alternator (Standard) Parts & Labour Parts Only
Alternator (2nd) Parts & Labour
Travel Power Parts & Labour
Engine Control Panel* Parts & Labour Parts Only
Engine Harness and Stop Solenoid Parts & Labour Parts Only
Oil Pressure Switch Sender Parts & Labour Parts Only
Water Temperature Switch Sender Parts & Labour Parts Only
Sump Pump Parts & Labour Parts & Labour
Alternator Belt Parts & Labour
Filters (Air, Fuel and Oil)
Seawater Pump Impeller
Wasting Anode

*All engine panels must be seated on a continuous bead of mastic between the rear face and the mounting surface.

(4) Warranty does not cover consumable parts which would be replaced during the normal routine servicing of the engine, see operator’s handbook.

(5) Warranty is invalid if genuine Beta or Kubota approved parts are not used. These parts can be obtained from your local Beta dealer.

(6) Beta Marine Ltd reserve the right to either repair or replace the parts concerned. Replaced parts become the property of Beta Marine. Any warranty work must be authorised by Beta UK working through your local dealer or boat builder.

(7) Wherever possible warranty work must be carried out by a Beta Service Dealer. If one is not available then contact must be made direct to Beta Marine Limited in the UK who will authorise work to be carried out by a local engineer.

(8) Travel to do warranty work is limited to 2-½ hours and 200 miles round trip. The removal and reinstallation of an engine is limited to 4 hours.

(9) The customer must pay the labour and parts cost direct to the engineer who carries out the work, for those parts not covered under warranty as defined in item (3).

(10) Third party claims are not acceptable as defined in our terms and conditions of sale (see acknowledgement form).

(11) Cranage and slipping fees are not included under the warranty cover.

(12) This warranty is valid for the first retail purchaser only. It may be passed on to the second customer at the discretion of Beta Marine Ltd. only.

(13) Owners / Users Responsibility

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